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Max height

825 ft (250 m)

Max speed

1200 fpm (6.1 m/s)

Max load

5000 lbs (2,500 kg)


Gearless traction with machine room

Advanced technology

This gearless traction elevator for high-rise buildings combines our most advanced technology with the creativity of our most experienced engineers.

Precision and speed

momentum quickly and safely transports passengers through of the world's tallest structures.

Custom designs

You can customize your momentum cabin interior to align with your building design.

Ideal for your high-rise building

momentum provides outstanding high-speed performance, a safe passenger experience and intelligent enhancements.

momentum moves with precision and speed while remaining energy efficient and reliable.

Blended innovation

Sophisticated components combine for high-speed performance, energy efficiency and passenger safety.

Superior ride quality

Elevator passengers can expect ultra-smooth rides.

momentum is a trusted product which is engineered following proven standards. It's installed under strict management.

Trusted brake technology

Newly-designed block brake modules are equipped with highly-wearable break shoes, improving safety and longevity.


Our powerful 32-bit microprocessor controller uses solid-state technology, boosting reliability with a proven track record.

Energy-efficient performance

momentum is energy-efficient, and includes regenerative drive which captures unused energy generated by the elevator and feeds it back into your building grid.

Stylish car interiors deliver a brighter in-car journey.

Brighten up your building with momentum's car interiors based on the lastest design trends.

Designs for your elevator cabin

Viewing from hall

Various hall fixtures combinations are available.

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Front view

Looking at the controls inside the cabin

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Back view

As you walk into the cabin, view the back side of cabin

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Info and Guides

Download our momentum product brochure below and learn more about our product.

momentum Brochure