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A smart business decision.

Modernization reduces maintenance and repair bills while improving performance by incorporating upgraded, energy efficient components.

A simple process.

Our GL-Power modernization can be efficiently completed with minimal disurption to your building.

Enhances your building.

Tenants will appreciate your elevator's fresh new look and improved ride comfort.

GL-Power: modernization solution

High maintenance and repair costs, frequent downtime, lagging compliance with modern safety standards and high energy consumption: old gearless elevators present many challenges. You might have thought about replacing your equipment, but you don’t want your business to be disrupted.

Our GL-Power modernization solution increases your buildling value, delivers a smoother elevator ride and improves tenant satisfaction.

Gearless modernization, great results.

We can modernize virtually any gearless elevator, either TK Elevator models or other brands. With our GL-Power solution, your elevator will receive new gearless machine technology and a permanent magnet AC motor. Following modernization, you can expect lower service and maintenance costs and improved elevator performance.

As minimal installation space is needed, there is limited operation disruption, even within the narrowest spaces. If desired, the cladding can be kept intact to maintain the design for an overall increase in value for your like-new unit.

Ride comfort

Fresh look

Efficient management

Upgraded safety

Energy efficient

Upgrades to the latest safety codes.

The safety levels demanded by your latest local codes are more rigorous than ever. Our GL-Power modernization package ensures your units comply with every safety measure required by your local authorities and more. And we offer additional safety features, if required.

Increase energy efficiency.

We can provide a wide range of state-of-the-art energy-saving options to maximize the energy efficiency of your equipment. Depending on your application and need for environmentally friendly operation, GL-Power can help you achieve the highest possible ISO 25745 rating.

Improved ride quality.

GL-Power modernization provides a more comfortable passenger experience for passengers by improving your gearless elevator ride quality. It includes an advanced gearless machine that provides a smooth ride with minimal vibrations.

Pristine looks.

Our stainless-steel fixture line includes car operating panels, hall fixtures and car riding lanterns that improve elevator appearance and functionality

Optimized equipment management.

GL-Power modernization includes MAX, the elevator industry's first cloud-based digitally enhanced maintenance solution. MAX helps our technicians provide smarter service and increases your elevator uptime..

We can rejuvenate your units in a few simple steps.

Our modernization process has been designed to minimize interference with your everyday operations. There is no need for heavy equipment so we need less space to operate, which means limited disruption to your business.

With a narrow installation footprint, we can even replace one of several adjacent escalators or moving walks without affecting the others. In general it is a simple, four-stage process.

Modernized elevators have the same service life as a new unit

Save on high maintenance and repair costs. After the GL-Power process has been completed with all the necessary component replacements, your modernized unit will have the same service life as a brand-new one.

Easier maintenance with freely available spare parts

All-new standardized parts can be freely sourced, eliminating the need for special orders, extended downtimes and the expensive individualized parts required for older hydraulic elevator systems.

Passenger satisfaction

With upgraded components, every passenger will experience the benefits of modernization – improved reliability, ride comfort, lower noise and a fresh new look.

Enhances sustainability with energy savings

We provide a wide range of energy-saving options to maximize the energy efficiency of your equipment and can help you achieve the highest possible ISO 25745 rating.