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Max height

350 ft (100 m)

Max speed

600 fpm (3 m/s)

Max load

5000 lbs (2,500 kg)


Gearless traction, machine room-less

Uncompromised reliability

Our gearless, machine room-less traction elevator easily fits into your low- to mid-rise building. With its German engineering, evolution 200 provides a smooth ride and ultra-reliable performance.

Performance and comfort

With evolution 200, you no longer have to sacrifice size for speed. It also includes built-in safety features to provide a safe and comfortable ride.

Brightens up your building

With many cab and fixture options, evolution 200 makes it easy to brighten your building design.

evolution 200 brings extra to buildings

This belt-driven elevator has a quiet ride, energy-efficient features and a simple installation.

evolution 200 delivers a smart, compact design with fast installation.

Finish your project faster

evolution 200 is designed for an easy installation. You can install the roof early, and we don't need to use your crane.

Maximize your revenue

With it's machine room-less design, evolution 200 gives you more leasable building space.

evolution 200 incorporates the highest engineering standards. It includes features that enhance elevator performance and energy efficiency while providing passengers a smooth and safe ride.

Belts are better

evolution 200 uses belts, rather than ropes. Passengers receive an ultra-quiet ride without jerky stops and starts.

Speed and size

With evolution 200, you can have a 5000-pound capacity elevator and still go 600 feet per minute.

Energy-efficient features

evolution 200 includes energy-saving regenerative drive, LED lights and more. You can also gain LEED credits.

Stylish cabin interiors deliver a brighter in-car journey.

Brighten up your building with evolution 200's stylish cabin interiors.

Designs for your elevator cabin

Viewing from hall

Various hall fixtures combinations are available.

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Front view

Looking at the controls inside the cabin

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Back view

As you walk into the cabin, view the back side of cabin

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Info and Guides

Download our evolution 200 product brochure below and learn more about our product.

evolution 200 Brochure