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Excellent cost vs benefit ratio

Modernization will save on costly maintenance and repair bills with upgraded, energy efficient geared motor and refurbished machine plus more reliable, improved components for reduced downtime.

Stay on top of compliance

Ensure your unit is compliant with the latest safety codes and take advantage of the most up-to-date technology for 24/7 unit monitoring and management.

A fresh new look

Improving riders experience by reviving the elevator aesthetics and refining the ride quality with new safety features and smooth door operation.

G-Power: Efficient. Economical. Energy-saving.

Increased maintenance and repair costs, frequent downtime, lagging compliance with modern safety standards and high energy consumption are all excellent reasons to modernize your old geared elevator system. You might have thought about replacing your equipment, but time and money are a big concern, plus you don’t want your business to be disrupted.

G-Power modernization solution offers an attractive alternative to full geared machine changeout. This solution still increases the value of your building and improves tenant satisfaction, but by refurbishing existing geared machine that still has life left in it, you can save money and installation time.

Passenger expectations are met

Modernizing your geared elevator system ensures all current safety measures are in place and standards are met. But the added benefit of reduced energy consumption makes you feel good about your impact on the building's reduced carbon footprint.

We are experts in modernizing the geared elevator equipment, installing with limited operation disruption. Ask about our Advantage Packages, designed to make the G-Power modernization process as quick and convenient as possible for you and your tenants.

Ride comfort

Fresh look

Efficient management

Upgraded safety

Energy efficient

Upgrades to the latest safety codes.

The safety levels demanded by your latest local codes are more rigorous than ever. Our G-Power modernization package ensures your units comply with every safety measure required by your local jurisdictions and more. And we offer additional safety features if required.

Increase energy efficiency.

We provide state-of-the-art energy-saving options to maximize your equipment's energy efficiency. Depending on your application and need for environmentally-friendly operation, G-Power can help you achieve the highest possible ISO 25745 rating.

Improved ride quality.

G-Power modernization provides a more comfortable passenger experience by improving the ride quality of your geared traction elevator system. This is made possible by installing a new controller, new geared motor and refurbishing the existing machine, as well as an upgrade your elevator doors with a new linear door operator.

A fresh new look

From new buttons and indicators to smoother door operation, passengers will instantly notice you’ve modernized. Our comprehensive selection of fixtures, included with your modernization, is easy to install and safe for walls.

Optimized equipment management.

G-Power modernization includes MAX, the elevator industry's first cloud-based digitally enhanced maintenance solution. MAX helps our technicians provide smarter service and increases your elevator uptime.

Rejuvenates your units in a few simple steps.

Our modernization process has been designed to minimize interference with your everyday operations. Modernizing one elevator at a time will limited disruption to your business. In general it is a simple, four-stage process.

Modernized elevators have the same service life as a new unit

Save on high maintenance and repair costs. After the G-Power process has been completed with all the necessary component replacements, your modernized unit will have the same service life as a brand-new one.

Easier maintenance with freely available spare parts

All-new standardized parts can be freely sourced, eliminating the need for special orders, extended downtimes and the expensive individualized parts required for older hydraulic elevator systems.

Passenger satisfaction

With upgraded components, every passenger will experience the benefits of modernization – improved reliability, ride comfort, lower noise and a fresh new look.

Enhances sustainability with energy savings

We provide a wide range of energy-saving options to maximize the energy efficiency of your equipment and can help you achieve the highest possible ISO 25745 rating.