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Max height

Max height

300 ft (90 m)

Max speed

Max speed

500 fpm (2.5 m/s)

Max load

Max load

5000 lbs (2,500 kg)



Gearless traction, machine room-less

Saves space

This traction machine room-less elevator easily fits into your mid-rise building design and saves building space.

Smooth ride quality

To achieve its smooth and precise ride quality, synergy incorporates the latest code-compliant components.

Brightens your building

With many cab and fixture choices, synergy makes it easy to brighten your building design.

synergy is ideal for mid-rise buildings.

In synergy, sophisticated components combine for smooth performance, energy efficiency, reliability and passenger safety. This product uses typical steel cables (or roped) rather than belts like used on our evolution product. If your local code requires standard roped suspension means, then we have a product for you.

Advanced technology

synergy achieves it's smooth and reliable performance using a range of sophisticated components.

Advanced controller

Our powerful 32-bit microprocessor controller uses solid-state technology, boosting elevator reliability.

Powerful machine

synergy's gearless machine delivers high performance, increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Proven standards

synergy is a trusted product which is engineered following proven standards.

Energy efficient

synergy features an advanced regenerative drive system, which captures unused power and feeds it back into the building’s electrical grid, reducing electricity costs

Overslung design

Helps provide better ride quality and performance.

Absolute positioning system

Precisely measures your elevator's speed and positioning, promoting accurate floor leveling.

Brightens up your building

Stylish car interiors deliver a sophisitcated in-car journey.

Enhance your building with synergy's car interiors .

Designs for your elevator cabin

Hall view of traditional fixture set

Viewing from hall

Various hall fixtures combinations are available.

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Looking to front of cabin

Front view

Looking at the controls inside the cabin

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Back view of cabin

Back view

As you walk into the cabin, view the back side of cabin

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