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TK Elevator launches mobile app that allows tenants to operate elevators remotely via their smartphone or wearable device


  • ‘AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff’ app helps decrease elevator traffic congestion as well as physical interaction with surfaces prone to attracting viruses and bacteria
  • 55 Hudson Yards in New York City is the first building to pilot AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff to help ensure tenant safety
  • The app is one of many enhancements thyssenkrupp Elevator has unveiled to help better protect passengers during COVID-19


ATLANTA (February 11, 2021) – thyssenkrupp Elevator has launched the ‘AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff’ app, which allows tenants to operate elevators via their smartphone or wearable device, improving building efficiency and sophistication. Available on Android or iOS devices, the easy-to-use touchless elevator solution helps to avoid elevator traffic congestion as well as physical interaction with elevator surfaces, buttons and handrails that can be prone to attracting viruses and bacteria and therefore warrant special attention.

Users can download the app from an app store and request enrollment. An intuitive administration portal allows the building management to process user requests individually or in batch uploads. The portal can integrate with most access control companies to synchronize permissions. In addition, building management can use the portal to create tenant groups and floor access schedules.

After being granted access, users then can create their profiles in the AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff app, requesting floor access and setting access schedules. Once approved by building management, the user can then begin accessing elevators remotely via the AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff app. Once a tenant enters the building’s lobby and connects with a beacon, a prompt is sent to the elevator system and the pre-selected floor is registered. The allocated elevator car is then promptly displayed on the app and the tenant quickly gets into the car.

“Every property manager, developer, and building owner is responsible for providing the safest systems to ensure the health and wellbeing of all passengers during these very special times. We are proud to offer a robust portfolio of elevator enhancements designed specifically to meet the challenges associated with this pandemic,” says Kevin Lavallee, President and CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator North America.

The app is part of thyssenkrupp Elevator’s AGILE elevator enhancement suite of solutions. AGILE allows building managers to more intelligently group and assign passengers to elevators, move people more rapidly, adjust passenger flow in real-time and personalize touchscreens and kiosks. AGILE is a modern approach to the industry’s Destination Dispatch system, which shortens ride times with fewer stops and less congestion. With AGILE, building managers can now dedicate elevators to specific high-traffic areas while also saving on energy during periods of low demand.

AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff is currently being piloted at 55 Hudson Yards, a 1.3- million-square-foot, 51-story commercial office tower located on Manhattan’s West Side, and an early adopter of cutting-edge technology designed to offer a more seamless experience for commercial tenants.

“Touchless solutions like AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff are more important than ever and will ultimately become a permanent fixture in many skyscrapers with a high volume of foot-traffic moving forward,” says Kevin Robertson, SVP of Sales and Marketing, thyssenkrupp Elevator North America. “AGILE mobile powered by Liftoff is just the latest in a series of new product offerings designed specifically to better protect passengers as they travel throughout buildings during COVID-19.”

In addition to the mobile app, another important touchless solution is thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Social Distancing Service. It can be paired with the AGILE platform and helps tenants to stay safe by limiting elevator passengers so they can maintain physical distance. Elevator traffic is assessed and balanced via MAX, thyssenkrupp Elevator’s predictive maintenance system. Using this intuitive solution, changes can be made to the dispatching software to limit the number of passengers assigned to each elevator car.

Social Distancing Service is included with the MAX Pro digital service package, which was introduced in January 2020 along with MAX Plus and MAX Premium. Each package offers varying levels of service protection designed to help property managers achieve higher elevator and escalator uptime with longer product lifespans. In the first year, thyssenkrupp Elevator sold more than 5,000 MAX subscriptions. More than 84,000 elevators in the U.S. and 130,000 elevators worldwide are connected to MAX.

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