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TK Elevator launches MAX in Canada expanding its digital product portfolio in North America


  • The elevator industry’s first IoT predictive maintenance solution, MAX identifies potential issues before they occur, enabling maximum uptime and efficiency.
  • MAX launch also includes MAX Link digital emergency communications, which eliminates expensive analog phone lines.
  • The addition of MAX reinforces TK Elevator Canada’s commitment to integrate the latest digital products and technologies for smarter building management.


Toronto, Ontario (May 18, 2022) - TK Elevator is proud to announce that its groundbreaking cloud-based, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance platform, MAX, is now available throughout Canada. MAX collects data on components, systems and performance, helping building owners and property managers achieve higher elevator and escalator uptime. MAX also helps facility personnel monitor and control their equipment while increasing passenger safety through digital emergency services.

“Digitalization is the future of the elevator industry and TK Elevator is proud to be pioneering the most advanced technological solutions that make building movement in North America safer, faster and more efficient. In addition to our building operations solution, MAX, our digital portfolio also includes our people-experience tool, AGILE. Both are designed to elevate vertical transportation and I am excited these innovative products are now available to the Canadian market,” said Kevin Lavallee, CEO BU North America and Group COO Field.

Since introducing MAX to the U.S. market in 2015, TK Elevator has expanded its diverse capabilities to include enhanced data analysis and sophisticated communications. Last month, TK Elevator launched MAX Link, which provides code-compliant connectivity to elevator emergency communications equipment to better support passengers requiring immediate assistance. MAX Link can flexibly route passenger calls to TK Elevator’s 24/7 dedicated elevator emergency call center or any answering service a customer chooses. Two-way voice, video and text messaging between passengers and emergency personnel is also available.

“Our customers in Canada are accustomed to receiving the highest level of support from TK Elevator, and the addition of MAX will allow us to work smarter and provide our customers with more efficient elevator resolutions. This will truly be a game-changer for property managers and fits with our future-forward vision for Canada,” added Gary Medeiros, President and CEO TK Elevator Canada.

TK Elevator has installed MAX on more than 86,000 elevators and escalators in the U.S. alone and has been expanding MAX installations worldwide with China recently adding MAX as part of TK Elevator’s commitment to digitize the elevator industry worldwide.

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TK Elevator

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