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Code of Conduct

As global innovation leader, TK Elevator strives for excellence. We are committed to the highest standards, not only with regards to the products and services we offer to our customers. We aim to act in an exemplary manner at all levels, particularly in our business relations, and to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Our responsibility towards our employees and external stakeholders is reflected in our strict compliance with laws, regulations, internal guidelines, as well as our values and principles.

The TK Elevator Code of Conduct specifies in detail the expectations and standards that govern our actions. It provides clear guidance and is binding for all employees at all locations worldwide. Our top management is expected to lead by example and thus do their part in shaping our environment based on trust and transparency.

Our employees play an integral part in shaping our culture at TK Elevator and must be aware of their personal responsibility. Compliance with the principles and standards described in the Code of Conduct is of core importance to our long-term success.

Download Code of Conduct (EN)

The TK Elevator Code of Conduct describes the most important rules and principles that govern our actions. To access further language versions other than English, click here.