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Moving walks - moving sidewalks

Moving walks

Reach your destination sooner, safely and comfortably

Our moving walks give convenience, comfort and safety a whole new meaning. Whether you’re pushing a stroller, luggage or shopping cart, they readily shorten long stretches in airports, railway stations, superstores and other large buildings. Architects and contractors also enjoy greater freedom in designing public infrastructure thanks to our innovative moving walks.

Reliable, versatile, modular

Our extensive experience and expertise are your guarantee of the right moving walk, skillfully adapted to your specific needs and structure. Here are a few of the benefits you get with our advanced moving walks:

  • Easy installation and integration into buildings
  • Modular design for greater flexibility
  • Long-lasting, reliable, smooth operation
  • Increased safety and comfort for riding with carts and strollers
  • Fewer components, less material and lighter weight

To find out more, visit your local website today.