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TK Elevator bows to Helmut Jahn

TK Elevator is deeply saddened by the death of Helmut Jahn. The world has lost one of the most distinguished personalities of the international architecture scene.

Helmut Jahn designed and realized many prominent buildings, including the State of Illinois Center in Chicago, the Frankfurt Trade Fair Tower, and the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. His architecture office has branches in Chicago, Berlin, and Shanghai.

Together with Werner Sobek, Helmut Jahn has also created a unique and distinctive building for TK Elevator: the spectacular test tower in Rottweil. The 246-meter-high tower with its visitor platform at 232 meters is not only a state-of-the-art test center for innovations, but also a landmark and eye-catcher visible from afar - and a real crowd puller.

But it's not just the height that makes the TK Elevator test tower so special. The sculptural building is particularly fascinating through the textile cladding of its facade, whose transparency increases from the bottom to the top. The approximately 17,000-square-meter shell is made of a highly complex, resistant, and self-cleaning material. The spiral arrangement of the curtain wall and rear-ventilated facade protects against intense solar radiation and has a positive effect on the tower's vibration behavior. At the top of the tower, the sloping envelope opens up to reveal a number of windows that give the tower a high-rise building character.

The TK Elevator test tower by Helmut Jahn is an architectural icon that firmly belongs to TK Elevator's identity and is one of the milestones in industrial design. For good reason, it was nominated for the German Facade Award in 2018.

The sudden and unexpected accidental death of Helmut Jahn comes as a great shock to all who knew and worked with him. An enormous loss - even if his designs and projects have long since made him immortal.