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Daily press, 2021-03-11, 11:00 AM

TK Elevator installs 8 TWIN lifts at the Trinity Tower in La Défense

  • Trinity Tower is an exceptional project designed by the architect Jean-Luc Crochon
  • TWIN lifts provide a panoramic view of the La Défense district
  • This is the first-of-its-kind TWIN installation with worldwide exclusivity

Essen, March 11, 2021 – TK Elevator, a leading global player in the elevators and escalators market, announces the installation of two escalators and 16 lifts, including 8 TWINs, at the Trinity Tower of La Défense business district in Paris. A true technological feat, each of the 8 TWINs has two independent cabins in the same shaft (a total of 16 cabins), enabling an expected 4,500 persons to move easily within the building, and reducing waiting times by 30% by optimizing traffic flows.

The Trinity Tower is distinguished by two of the TWIN lifts operating in panoramic shafts within the façade that runs the entire height of the building, including three machinery levels. As a result, the occupants of the Tower will benefit from an unprecedented view of La Défense, while passers-by can see the red and yellow cabins up-close as they ascend the length of the tower. The colors were specifically chosen by the architect Jean-Luc Crochon as a tribute to the Eiffel Tower’s historic elevators.

Trinity Tower at La Défense facilitates interaction between the interior and exterior environments

An emblematic project of the Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Group, the Trinity Tower was designed and built by the architectural firm Cro&Co and under the direct supervision of architect Jean-Luc Crochon. It revolutionizes the concept of the office tower known until now, to meet the new expectations and needs of businesses. The Trinity Tower is an extraordinary project whose construction began in 2016 and was completed in November 2020. The exceptional feature of this tower is that it is built on a concrete slab suspended above a highway. The tower is lively and open, designed to facilitate interaction with its environment and exchanges between occupants. With its shared spaces – 1,500m² of green balconies and terraces, a rooftop, and 4,000m² of services – it promotes a new way of working. The tower also meets the highest ecological ambitions: it has bioclimatic glass façades, which act as external insulation and dual environmental certifications, HQE Exceptional and BREEAM Excellent.

Trinity will also be the first tower in La Défense to be equipped with panoramic TWIN lifts with exceptional speed, allowing occupants to move quickly between the 33 floors of the skyscraper. Through a glass façade, the effervescence of the tower will be unveiled and visible from the forecourt of La Défense.

Flow optimization and innovation: the advantages of TWIN technology

The architecture of the Trinity Tower was adapted and designed around TWIN technology. One of a kind, TWIN lifts are the first industrial system with two independent cabs operating in a single shaft. Offering an equivalent passenger transport capacity, they occupy up to 50% less space than regular lifts. They also make it possible to establish new traffic concepts and performance records. Each cab is each equipped with a separate traction chain, controller, cables, a counterweight, and a speed governor. An intelligent Destination Selection Control (DSC) device moves passengers faster by grouping together people who want to access the same floor.

TK Elevator has equipped the tower with a total of 16 elevators, including 8 TWINs, two of which have a panoramic view of the La Défense district, specially designed for Trinity with worldwide exclusivity. These technologically advanced lifts will make it possible to optimize flows and reduce waiting times, an issue experienced in all high-rises during peak times. The occupants will be able to move smoothly between the 33 floors of the skyscraper, since each cab will serve a specific number of floors (the first cab in each TWIN will serve floors 0 to 15 and the second cab will serve floors 15 to 33).

The architect Jean-Luc Crochon states: “The first tower in La Défense to open its core to the façade, Trinity transforms it into a “heart of life” visible from the square. The activity of the occupants is revealed via the façade, accompanied by dynamic elements facilitating interaction between the interior and exterior: movement of panoramic lifts, suspended gardens and meeting rooms, kinetic façades and pantograph windows that open. By integrating two lift cabins into the same shaft, TWIN lifts have accentuated this movement within the façade. This solution also offers greater agility in managing the traffic inherent in a high-rise building”.

Peter Walker, CEO of TK Elevator: “We are proud to equip the Trinity Tower with two TWIN elevators with a panoramic view of the La Défense district. In addition to the exceptional view that passengers will enjoy, the advanced technology will optimize flows for the tower’s occupants and significantly reduce waiting times by up to 30%. The design and delivery of the TWINs is a true technological feat that we have achieved as a worldwide exclusive for the Trinity Tower”.

Can be downloaded here (Photo Credit: Sébastien Godefroy/TK Elevator).


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