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Greater control and happier tenants

Move passengers more efficiently with AGILE — our Destination Dispatch solution that boosts elevator performance, enhances passenger experiences, improves traffic flow and increases security.

Leveraging state-of-the-art intelligent dispatching software, AGILE automatically gauges traffic and groups passengers together based on their destination. For passengers, this means fewer stops, less crowding and faster travel times. For building owners and managers, this means higher capacity, improved traffic flow and less wear and tear on their elevators.

How AGILE works

You can add AGILE to virtually any elevator, moving tenants more efficiently and improving your building’s capacity.

Destination Selection

Passengers use terminals or a mobile device to select their destination.

AI-driven analysis

AGILE analyzes passenger requests and groups passengers based on destination.

Passenger direction

Each passenger is directed to their assigned elevator.


board the assigned elevator, which then transports them to their destination.

Benefits of AGILE

Optimize the flow of traffic with a smart, easy-to-use dispatch system.

Improved Security

Connect elevators to tenant databases and pair with card readers to increase building security.

Customized Design

Personalize AGILE’s interface with company branding to create a cohesive, polished look.

Increased Capacity

Improve capacity by up to 30% with AGILE’s ability to group passengers based on destination.

AGILE Mobile: A personal, touchless elevator experience for tenants

Reduce the spread of germs and add sophistication to your building with AGILE Mobile, which allows tenants to operate your elevators using their smartphone or wearable device. Easy to install, administer and operate, AGILE Mobile can help you provide a seamless travel experience for your passengers.

Increase building security

AGILE – Security Access is a low-cost solution that connects elevators to tenant databases to increase building security. This flexible solution can function independently or integrate with an existing security system to improve the safety of your tenants.

Custom design your AGILE kiosk

Make every ride an experience

Ensure AGILE blends seamlessly into your building’s design with custom options for the kiosk and mount. Tailor the background, button layouts, colors, logos, images and message to your building for a distinctive and cohesive look.

Info and Guides

Learn more about AGILE's capabilities and our other products in our Resource Library.

Visit Our Resource Library

The cover of the TK Elevator AGILE - Destination Control brochure.

AGILE Destination Controls

The cover of the TK Elevator AGILE - Design Center brochure.

AGILE Design Center

The cover of the TK Elevator AGILE - Security Access brochure.

AGILE Access

The cover of the AGILE - Management Center brochure.

AGILE Management Center

A thumbnail showing the TK Elevator AGILE Mobile fact sheet.

AGILE Mobile

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