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Max Height

825 ft (250m)

Max Speed

1,200 fpm (7 m/s)

Max Load

4,000 lbs (1,800 kg)

Two independent cars in one shaft

Two elevator cars in the same hoistway

  • Our breakthrough TWIN passenger elevator system features two cars, operating independently in the same hoistway, increasing usable building space.
  • intelligent Destination Selection Control (DSC) gauges traffic demand and groups riders based on destination for increased efficiency.
  • Whether used in new buildings or as part of a modernization project, TWIN can transport up to 40% more passengers.

Protect passengers with advanced safety features

  • Requests are always distributed by the destination selection control so elevator cabins do not obstruct each other and a minimum distance is always observed.
  • If the safety distance is breached, the emergency stop system shuts down the drives, activates the brakes and triggers an emergency stop for both elevator cabins.
  • Safety levels are monitored by an independent control system, giving TWIN the highest safety classification of Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).

Save Money and Energy

  • TWIN drastically cuts labor and materials expenses because the elevators share a single hoistway, guide rails and landing doors. TWIN pays dividends for years to come.
  • Unlike a double-deck elevator system, TWIN can park one cab while the other stays in operation, saving energy when passenger volumes are low.
  • Our advanced regenerative drive feeds unused energy back into the building, so you save money and use less power.

TWIN elevators at 50 Hudson Yards

A case study diving into the first major tower in the United States to implement the TWIN® system.

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