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TWIN elevator
It’s a double win!

Our one-of-a-kind TWIN passenger elevator is the industry’s first system with two independent cars, one on top of the other, in one shaft. It gives you the same conveyance capacity in 25% less space. It also lets you introduce brand-new traffic concepts while setting a new standard in high performance.

With TWIN, both cabins use the same guide rails and landing doors. Each car is equipped with its own traction drive, controller, ropes, counterweight and governor. An intelligent Destination Selection Control (DSC) system gets people to their destination faster by grouping together individuals travelling to the same floor. TWIN also boasts a TÜV-tested safety concept to satisfy even the most stringent requirements.

TWIN. Delivering efficiencies across the board.

TWIN video

Save more money

TWIN is extremely cost-efficient. Labor and material expenses are drastically reduced because the elevators share a single hoistway, landing doors and guide rails. For a small amount of additional effort on installation, TWIN pays dividends for years to come for any building more than 164 feet in height.

Handle more traffic

Whether used in new buildings or as part of a modernization project, TWIN can transport up to forty percent more passengers.

Move more with less

Unlike a double-deck elevator system, TWIN can park one cab while the other stays in operation. So when passenger volumes are low, no energy is consumed by moving empty cars. Furthermore, all TWIN elevator systems can be equipped with an energy recovery function that can feed about thirty percent of the energy generated by braking back into the building’s power grid.

Reduce energy consumption

Using TWIN means your building handles higher capacities with less space. By reducing the number of shafts necessary, less construction is needed and additional floor space can be reserved for maximizing leasable space.

  • 825 ft

    Travel height

  • 1200 fpm

    Maximum speed

  • 4000 lbs

    Maximum capacity*

Key benefits

evolution BLUE Advantages
Extremely cost effective

Two elevator cars share the same hoistway, landing doors and guide rails, saving substantial money in construction labour and materials as well as maintenance.

Up to 40% more traffic

Its double-car configuration means now your mobility system can handle up to 40% more passengers.

Highly energy efficient

When passenger volumes are low, TWIN parks one cab to save on energy while the other car stays in operation. An optional energy recovery function feeds about 30% of the recovered braking energy back into your building’s power grid.

Impressively space efficient

By reducing the number of shafts required to effectively service your buildings over 50 metres in height, TWIN maximizes your leasable space.