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Lowered downtime by up to 50%

Reliable elevators are vital to your tenant experience — and your building’s reputation. That’s why we created MAX, the first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution for all new TKE elevator models. MAX optimizes functionality while saving you time and money through automatic, reliable predictive maintenance.

  • 130,000+

    Elevators connected to MAX

  • 30%

    Fewer breakdowns

  • 24,000+

    Global service engineers who will use MAX

What MAX can do for you

MAX improves the performance of your TKE elevator by increasing uptime, stability and tenant satisfaction. By providing actionable analysis, insights and predictive maintenance, MAX will make your job easier with less downtime and more transparent data.


Increase uptime

Increases overall elevator availability — significantly improving building efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Track usage

Gives you real-time information about the operation, performance and service history for each of your elevators.

Enhance safety

Monitors your elevator’s components and reports potential problems to a technician, which can prevent breakdowns.


Minimize Disruptions

Communicates maintenance needs and enables your service teams to work on the equipment during low-traffic times.

Plan for future updates

Tracks the wear and tear of elevator components, allowing you to anticipate and plan for future costs or schedule disruptions.

Extend elevator life

Ensures optimized maintenance for all elevator components to prolong your elevator’s overall lifetime.


Speedy repairs

Provides precise, predictive diagnostics to your TKE technician in real time, indicating exactly where intervention is needed.

Determine service urgency

Determines if an issue is critical and requires immediate attention or if it can be addressed as part of a regularly scheduled visit.

Get peace of mind

Sends elevator service requests automatically, so you get faster service without needing to reach out for help.

Take MAX on the go with our mobile app

Get real-time elevator data and functionality on the go with the MAX mobile app.

Place service requests, see all units in your portfolio, sign up for real-time notifications about your elevators and view real-time elevator traffic statistics.

Download on iOS Download from Google Play

Virtual Coach: AI-Enabled Service Optimization

A technician using a tablet on a job site.

The Virtual Coach is a technician-facing app and MAX Digital Services feature that alerts technicians to any concerns about your elevator. It also sends maintenance recommendations to technicians that provide the fastest, safest and easiest solution for any issues.

As an adaptive AI, the Virtual Coach learns about your system as the troubleshooting goes on, so it can determine levels of recommendations while planning for future fixes.

The result is increased uptime, faster repairs and more transparency.


Make your job easier and keep passengers happy with MAX Digital Services. Subscribe online or contact us to learn more.

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