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Mobility solutions that you and your tenants can count on

As the largest elevator service provider in the U.S., TK Elevator has the skills and experience to keep your building running smoothly.

We provide a diverse portfolio of reliable, efficient mobility solutions designed to meet you and your tenants’ singular needs. Review detailed equipment specs and technical information to help you seamlessly modernize your elevator while aligning with your building’s aesthetics and budget’s specifications.

Contact our expert team today to learn how our sophisticated mobility solutions and world-class service and support will help keep your tenants safe and happy.

Comprehensive Resource Library

Download detailed specs and technical information about our products, finishes and technology.

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Get peace of mind with a responsive service partner

Keep your tenants safe and happy with reliable, expert maintenance and repairs.

Bring your elevator up to code

With elevator modernization, you will save on repair costs while decreasing downtime and improving the overall experience of your passengers. We can modernize any model of elevator — whether it's a TK Elevator product or other manufacturer. When you trust us with your elevator modernization, you will both see and feel the difference an update can make to your building.

Remote monitoring and instant service calls with MAX

Reliable elevators are vital to your tenant experience and reputation. That’s why we created MAX, a modern IoT (internet of things) service solution. Without even needing to make the call – your technician will be dispatched to service any issue that may be present within your elevator. This is made possible through technologically advanced remote monitoring and instantaneous service call activation that is included in the MAX package.

Get peace of mind

Sends elevator service requests automatically, so you get faster service without needing to reach out for help.

Track usage

Gives you instant notifications about potential service needs and real-time performance information for each of your elevators.

Speedy repairs

Provides precise, predictive diagnostics to your TK Elevator technician indicating exactly where intervention is needed.

International Technical Services (ITS)

With ITS, you’ll experience less downtime, faster repairs and more technician availability.

Find Your Local Office

From installation to maintenance to modernization, TK Elevator has the ideal products and experience to provide the solution that’s right for you.

Our local networks of highly qualified, experienced account managers, technicians and staff can help you successfully manage all your mobility needs. Find your local office and see what TK Elevator can do for your building.