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Mobility solutions that meet your needs

Get mobility solutions that accommodate your industry-specific needs. Whether you’re a hospital that needs oversized, ultra-reliable elevators built for constant use or a high-rise office building that requires fast, smooth elevators that can accommodate rush-hour traffic—we have the expertise and the products for you.

For over 40 years, TK Elevator has provided myriad industries with elevators, escalators and moving walks. Contact our experienced team to find the right product for your building.

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Skilled teams complete your project


  • Move passengers quickly and efficiently with reliable elevators, escalators, moving walks and passenger boarding bridges.
  • TK Elevator products are built to withstand traffic surges and constant use.
  • Our customers include the Dubai, Zurich, Chengdu-Shuangliu and Calgary International Airports.


  • Make the right first impression with employees, clients and business partners.
  • Set your building apart with custom design options and advanced features, including panoramic display.
  • Our customers include City Hall, London; One World Trade Center, New York; and Raine Square, Perth.


  • Get durable mobility solutions that can withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear.
  • Comply with accessibility codes and help all students get where they need to go.
  • TK Elevator has experience with schools, libraries, dorms, colleges and universities.


  • Keep your agency moving through safe, reliable elevators made with durable materials.
  • TK Elevator products can be customized to include only the features you need.
  • Optimize accessibility with features for sight- and hearing-impaired passengers.


  • Move heavy, oversized equipment with customized freight and passenger elevators.
  • TK Elevator’s robust components stand up to potential damage from stretchers, food carts and the general public.
  • Accurate floor leveling makes entering and exiting a safe and smooth experience.


  • Provide your guests with a red-carpet experience through reliable, beautiful elevators.
  • Move your guests efficiently and smoothly with faster speeds, soft starting and breaking, state-of-the-art controllers and intelligent dispatching.
  • TK Elevator has products to suit all categories of hotels, resorts and restaurants.


  • Make sure your residents feel at home with comfortable, smooth, and exceptional mobility solutions.
  • Set your building apart with features like sound insulation, high-end fixtures and panoramic display.
  • Our clients include Asian Games City in Guangzhou, China; The Sharp Centum Star in Busan, South Korea; and Jinyu New World Complex in Hohhot, Mongolia.


  • Manage passenger flow with best-in-class conveying performance, reliability and availability.
  • TK Elevator products include high-capacity elevators, escalators and moving walks.
  • Our portfolio features products that suit metro, subway, and train stations.

Stadium/Conference Center

  • Move large numbers of people quickly and safely with heavy-duty elevators, escalators, moving walks and ramps.
  • TK Elevator products are built to withstand large traffic surges.
  • Protect passengers with advanced safety features like auto-rescue and precise floor leveling.

National Accounts

Get global scale with localized attention: TK Elevator has optimized the processes for our national accounts to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Dedicated Account Managers

Streamlined Processes

Transparent Data

Local Technicians

Find Your Local Office

From installation to maintenance to modernization, TK Elevator has the ideal products and experience to provide the solution that’s right for you.

Our local networks of highly qualified, experienced account managers, technicians and staff can help you successfully manage all your mobility needs. Find your local office and see what TK Elevator can do for your building.