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Keeping everybody moving

With 30% of the world's elevators being over 20 years old and mobility equipment generally, being in almost constant use, reliable service is more crucial than ever. Maintaining multiple brands of equipment across global portfolios while meeting all legal and operational standards is a growing challenge.

Your elevators are critical. Your tenants are busy and have high expectations. The last thing you need are unreliable elevators and escalators.

This is why Universal Service by TK Elevator exists, to keep your infrastructure moving and optimize planning for maximum possible uptime.

We are the largest elevator service provider in the US

  • 2,600+

    Trained, experienced technicians

  • 100+

    Service office locations

  • 230,000+

    Elevators maintained

Our service areas

Elevator maintenance services

Professional elevator maintenance has a great impact on our daily lives. Elevators provide seamless vertical mobility in various settings such as offices, residential and commercial buildings. Routine elevator maintenance not only prevents unexpected breakdowns, but also extends the lifespan of your elevators and can help prevent costly repairs.

As the largest elevator service provider in the US, TK Elevator stands uniquely positioned to offer you the best elevator maintenance services. Our comprehensive services encompass regular maintenance, inspections, repairs, and emergency assistance.

Elevator repair services

Elevators are essential components in any building, playing a crucial role in facilitating the movement of people and goods. Ensuring their seamless operation is vital, necessitating the services of a proficient elevator repair provider for the resolution of defects, upgrades, or code changes. At TK Elevator, our expertise extends beyond repairs to encompass comprehensive maintenance services. We prioritize keeping your elevators up-to-date and compliant with the latest codes and standards, ensuring their continued reliability and efficiency.

Escalator & moving walkway maintenance services

Escalators and moving walkways are often operated for extensive hours, sometimes 24/7 a day to get people to their destinations. Whether in shopping centers, convention centers, train stations, airports or public buildings – escalators and moving sidewalks have to function smoothly at all times. Regular maintenance and professional repair play an important role in ensuring an efficient and barrier-free user flow.

We offer maintenance services for all brands

Our International Technical Service (ITS) is a global network of competence centers: they cover all the requirements of today's mobility solutions. This offers you the unique advantage of service from a single source. Talk to us as your partner for optimum service for all your mobility solutions.

Learn more about our International Technical Services

Move into the future with MAX

Reliable elevators are vital to your tenant experience — and your building’s reputation. That’s why we created MAX, the first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution for all new TKE elevator models. MAX optimizes functionality while saving you time and money through automatic, reliable predictive maintenance.

National Accounts

Efficiently and effectively manage your entire portfolio of elevators, escalators, and moving walks across all your properties with TK Elevator. Rather than working with multiple vendors and service providers at dozens of locations, you’ll have a single point of contact that can effectively manage all of your buildings through a tailored service and maintenance agreement.

Our National Accounts team supports you with proactive communication about potential problems and solutions, recommended changes and usage data.

Online Customer Portal:

24/7 Access to Elevator Information That Matters, Anywhere, Anytime

Gain real-time access to the status of all elevator units, view historical data including maintenance visits and service calls, and effortlessly submit service requests - all from your computer or mobile device.