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Bring your elevator up to code

With elevator modernization, you will save money year after year on repairs, decrease downtime, and improve the overall experience of your passengers. When you trust TK Elevator with your elevator modernization, you will both see and feel the difference an update can make to your building.

Our technicians can modernize any model of elevator — whether it's a TK Elevator model or another brand. We know how important mobility is to your business, so we do all we can to minimize disruptions to your building and business. Contact your local office to see how we can simplify your elevator modernization.

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Maximize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

Easier maintenance with freely available parts

Improved comfort, quieter ride and a fresh new look

Types of elevator modernization

Modernize Hydraulic Elevators

H-Power and H-Power SL
We can modernize virtually any hydraulic elevator system, whether it's a TK Elevator model or other brands. Major components are pre-assembled and brought to your location in small, easy-to-handle packages for faster installation and fewer disruptions.

Modernize Geared Elevators

Save money and installation time by refurbishing your existing geared elevator. Meet current code requirements, improve the passenger experience, and reduce energy consumption through modernization.

Modernize Gearless Elevators

Experience lower service and maintenance costs and improved performance for your gearless elevator. With TK Elevator—minimal installation space is needed. Disruptions are limited, even in small spaces.

Convert Geared to Gearless Elevator

With the latest in digital controls, advanced dispatching and an efficient AC-drive system — upgrading to a gearless arrangement can be done with minimal disruption to your building’s traffic flow.

Replace Geared Elevator

With this modernization, your elevator will receive an upgraded machine that includes additional safety features, a new AC variable frequency motor, a new gear box and built-in safety devices. The new machine is designed to work with your existing components. You’ll also receive an advanced microprocessor controller engineered to interface with the new and existing equipment.

Increase Uptime with MAX

MAX by TK Elevator is the industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. It’s designed to identify faults before they occur, so we can take preemptive action.

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Planning assistance

Get the confidence that comes from transparency and proactive communication with TK Elevator.

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Info and Guides

Check out our modernization guides below and learn more about our other products in our Resource Library.

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The cover of the TK Elevator H-Power brochure.
H-Power Brochure

The cover of the TK Elevator H-Power SL brochure.
H-Power SL Brochure

The cover of the TK Elevator G2-Power Plus brochure.
G2-Power Plus Brochure

The cover of the TK Elevator GL-Power brochure.
GL-Power Brochure

The cover of the TK Elevator G-Power brochure.
G-Power Brochure

The cover of the TK Elevator G-Power Plus brochure.
G-Power Plus Brochure

I-Power Brochure

Find your local office

From installation to maintenance to modernization, TK Elevator has the ideal products and experience to provide the solution that’s right for you.

Our local networks of highly qualified, experienced account managers, technicians and staff can help you successfully manage all your mobility needs. Find your local office and see what TK Elevator can do for your building.