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Supply Chain and Procurement

Supply Chain and Procurement

Ethics statement

  • Employees of the TK Elevator Corporation ("Group") shall safeguard the interests of the Group and shall not use their professional position vis-à-vis business partners of the Group or their employees to gain advantages for themselves or for third parties. Employees shall ensure the existence of fair competition by treating their business partners fairly and correctly and shall not allow personal dependencies or commitments vis-à-vis business partners to arise.
  • No personal advantages may be demanded or accepted from any business partner. This also applies to advantages in favor of family members, friends, acquaintances, organizations etc. ("Related Persons").
  • Even the impression of non-compliance by an employee with these obligations must be avoided. Employees must therefore declare any personal interest in connection with the performance of their work to their superiors.
  • Invitations from business partners may only be accepted if turning down the invitation would go against the requirements of courtesy. The acceptance of invitations to sporting, cultural or similar events is prohibited.
  • Gifts must be turned down and returned. Even gifts of minor value are not acceptable if they are given repeatedly or without a special reason. The acceptance of gifts of money is strictly forbidden.
  • Employees of the Group may not place private orders for products and services for delivery to themselves or Related Persons with companies with which they are involved as part of their work.
  • In cases of doubt regarding the right conduct vis-à-vis business partners, employees must consult their superiors. The same applies if advantages are offered by business partners the acceptance of which could be in contradiction to this directive.