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Award-winning design and groundbreaking innovation

A cable-less elevator that moves vertically and horizontally

  • MULTI’s freedom of movement supports architects and city planners in truly transforming how our buildings and cities are shaped today and tomorrow.
  • Because MULTI is not restricted by conventional elevator height limitations, architects can push the limits of high-rise architecture to unprecedented levels.
  • MULTI can connect not only buildings but whole cities — creating a seamless journey from the airport skybridge into a waiting MULTI cabin to the train station to get to the center of town, all without ever having to step outside.

Help your building work better

  • High speed cabin movements will enable near-constant access to an elevator cabin every 15-30 seconds. This reduces wait times and moves traffic efficiently.
  • Powerful artificial intelligence connects to your building, forecasting passenger flow and adapting capacity to peak times automatically.
  • MULTI elevator shafts use up to 50% less space, increasing usable space in the building design.

Protect passengers

  • TK Elevator fully complies with the meticulous procedures of Functional Safety Management in cooperation with some of the most well-established certifying institutes.
  • Each MULTI car employs a multi-step braking system that ensures passenger safety, whether traveling up, down, left or right.
  • Battery auto rescue operation ensures that passengers can exit the cab safely in the case of a power outage by transporting them to the nearest floor and opening the doors.

Incorporating the technology of tomorrow

  • Maximize uptime with MAX by TKE, the industry’s first real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. It’s designed to identify faults before they can occur, allowing our technicians to take preemptive action.
  • Save electricity and decrease costs. MULTI renders the energy-consuming parts of cabins dormant during slower traffic periods.
  • MULTI recovers energy from cars going down and immediately uses that energy on the track where cars are going up, increasing energy efficiency.

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Reduce building traffic with AGILE

Our Destination Dispatch solution, AGILE, improves elevator performance, enhances passenger experiences, improves traffic flow and increases security. AGILE groups passengers together who are traveling to similar floors, resulting in 25% faster travel time.

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Our local networks of highly qualified, experienced account managers, technicians and staff can help you successfully manage all your mobility needs. Find your local office and see what TK Elevator can do for your building.