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Max Height

825 ft (250m)

Max Speed

1,200 fpm (6.1 m/s)

Max Load

5,000 lbs (2,500 kg)

Sophisticated components combine to produce high-speed performance and energy efficiency

A gearless traction elevator with a machine room

  • Our gearless machine delivers high performance, increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption, while eliminating the need for lubricants.
  • Our powerful controller uses solid-state technology, boosting elevator reliability. The user interface tool (UIT) provides easy access to adjustments and parameters for maintenance and service.
  • Our advanced regenerative drive captures unused energy and feeds it back into the building, so you save money and use less power. Its compact design saves space and is easy to maintain.

Advanced safety features

  • Our Occupant Evacuation Operation (OEO) feature allows elevators to be used during building emergencies. This provides a faster evacuation method than stairwells.
  • Maximize uptime with MAX by TK Elevator, a real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance solution. It’s designed to identify faults before they can occur, allowing our technicians to take preemptive action.
  • Battery auto rescue operation ensures that passengers can exit the cab safely in the case of a power outage by transporting them to the nearest floor and opening the doors.

Prioritizing passenger safety and comfort

  • Choose from a wide variety of materials and finishes plus customized light options and operating panels ensure that your elevator integrates seamlessly with the design of your building.
  • The absolute positioning system precisely measures the elevator's speed and positioning, producing accurate floor leveling and stopping that increases passenger safety and comfort.
  • Our patented variable frequency (VVVF) drive motor offers smooth acceleration and deceleration, for a smooth, more comfortable passenger ride without jerky starts and stops.

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Chain compensation

Counterbalances the excess weight of the car and counterweight slings. This creates equal load distribution, regardless of the car’s hoistway position.

Overslung design

Overslung design provides better ride quality and performance.

Roller guides

Our high-quality, spring-loaded roller guides ensure elevator car movement is smooth, quiet and ultra-precise.

Universal door operator

Malfunctioning doors are the leading cause of elevator service calls. This new technology provides door reliability as well as quick and smooth door operation.


Combining fast performance, energy-efficient features and an ultra-safe design — momentum is the ideal elevator for high-rise buildings.

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Speed 350–1200 fpm
Maximum travel 825'-0" for passenger elevators
Door operator Universal Door Operator
Drive Fully regenerative digital drive

Reduce building traffic with AGILE

Our Destination Dispatch solution, AGILE, improves elevator performance, enhances passenger experiences, improves traffic flow and increases security. AGILE groups passengers together who are traveling to similar floors, resulting in 25% faster travel time.

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