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Smart Building Technology Provides Real-time Visibility into the Status of Your Elevators

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘5G’ is probably your cell phone. Various commercials and advertisements for the latest and greatest technology will never fail to include a quick mention of the fifth-generation mobile network. But, what exactly is the 5G network, and how can it affect elevators or daily operations of a building?

In a world where social distancing and keeping in good health is top priority, the need for transparent elevator data has increased tenfold. This is why the TK Elevator Index Report was recently launched. TKE is leading the way in providing honest insight into elevator usage for owners and managers. By analyzing this current and past data of elevator trips in office buildings, we are able to predict the future trends that will keep tenants happy.

A graphic depicting connectivity in the modern world

The first trend that was identified in the TKE Index Report was that smart building technology provides real-time visibility. 5G solutions offer instantaneous processing speeds to collect data from equipment that is connected through the Internet of Things (IoT).

This network, which most often operates on cloud-based platforms, has given us real-time visibility into the status of your elevators. Each trip that a tenant takes, whether up or down, can be accounted for. Studying this information is what helps us to predict the future of building management tools for increasing traffic flow.

Lower expenses and elevate tenant experience with 5G

The very IoT network which made it possible for us to collect this data and allow experts to analyze it is what will keep your building running better than ever. Going forward, smart user interfaces will be crucial for buildings to adopt as they not only can improve foot traffic but also help building workers as well.

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How is it possible to find lowered labor costs and expenses while still improving your tenants' experiences?

The IoT “small device” network could be of serious help. From the large machines like elevators to the smaller things like trash cans—compact IoT beacons can be attached to most anything to track activity. If a trash can is full, the beacon can notify the appropriate worker to empty it. If an elevator requires servicing in the near future, a technician will be notified through an IoT service like MAX. This smart building technology can help a space run smoothly behind the scenes to lower tenant complaints and increase productivity.

The increased need for this network may seem a long way away, but the future is here and many building managers are ahead of the curve in installing 5G technology for their commercial spaces.

To learn more about how smart building technology can help you, request a copy of the 2021 TK Elevator Index Report here.