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Introducing the 2021 TK Elevator Index Report


In the early months of 2020, COVID-19 emerged and changed the course of history. Every citizen across the globe was affected in their own way, each with their own unique story of how the pandemic personally impacted them. So, as we adjust to our new reality in a world with COVID-19, how does it affect where and how people work?

A graphic depicting the 5 TK Elevator Index Trends for 2021 in action

The TKE Index Report is a brilliant mine of data collected from over 86,000 elevators across the U.S. and Canada which illustrates business activity in commercial spaces. We are able to see a contrast in how life was before the pandemic and the impact it’s had on our present. This extensive report will help us to predict the future of office activity with exceptional accuracy.

In the TKE Index Report, our experts identified five major technology and solution trends that bring insight into smarter ways to accommodate our passengers. These trends will not only allow buildings to run more efficiently, but will take health and safety precautions into consideration to ensure wellness best practices are incorporated into our new normal routines. These 5 trends are:

5G Technology

While you might hear the term “5G” and simply think of your phone plan, the abbreviation encompasses so much more than cellular devices. Last year, this intelligent fifth generation of mobile technology made its much-anticipated debut. The following years to come will see humans connected like never before as we quickly identify trends through these big data networks that rely on 5G technology. With this updated data, we will be able to adjust to the influx of people returning to the office and ensure solutions are made to keep lobbies less congested as well.

Machine Learning

A sizable issue that has always plagued building managers is the flow of traffic in their buildings. In an ideal world, elevators are readily available for the passengers at any time and are exactly where the passengers need them to be. Machine learning has allowed for this to be the case. With Machine Learning, elevators can “learn” that employees tend to leave work at the end of the day and can calculate to be on upper floors starting in the mid-afternoon. Similarly, elevators can know to be on the main floor in the morning hours to await workers coming into the building.

Internet of Things

Another flow that requires a smooth transition is the flow of workers who take care of the little finishes that make a building look great and run even better. With Internet of Things or IoT small device network, these small solutions will run seamlessly. The Internet of Things has allowed us to connect our elevators to the world of Internet-connected devices. This opens up opportunities such as being able to call an elevator from your cell phone, a kiosk, or even call for maintenance from a connected device.

Touchless Technology

Being able to choose between differing options is a must for tenants. Services like touchless technology will help to build a better tomorrow for them. Touchless technology is the way of the future as it keeps many safe from harm. This ability to call an elevator without needing to touch a button will be revolutionary in building development everywhere.

Predictive Maintenance

Mobility data changing our current approach to maintenance is the last trend that is highlighted in the TKE Index Report. Predictive maintenance or PdM offers us great value based on real time data and analytics. This opening market is guaranteed to grow tenfold in the future. It can tell you when your building’s equipment needs to be serviced and actually provide a recommendation based on the actual usage of an elevator vs a scheduled milestone. This will lessen costs and save a building from experiencing any downtime.

Through the various trends mentioned, this report and transparent data offers insight into elevator activity and new ideas to keep a building running smooth. The TKE Index Report will provide us with the knowledge that will keep us moving towards a better life for office workers in the future.

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