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The Changing Landscape of Georgia Elevator Activity

With the nation’s eighth largest population and a red-hot economy, Georgia has experienced significant urban mobility changes since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newly-released TK Elevator data reveals Georgia elevator trips declined to 38% of their pre-COVID-19 levels in April 2020 but have since recovered to 68% by March 2021. The data also indicates major Georgia urban centers including Atlanta experienced steep elevator traffic declines followed by moderate to strong recoveries.

Georgia elevator traffic

To gather data in this report, TK Elevator uses MAX, the elevator industry’s first cloud- and IoT-based platform. MAX is installed on more than 85,000 elevators across the U.S. It enables enhanced service and predictive maintenance along with transparency and customer peace of mind.

Statewide Georgia elevator activity

A wide range of situations impacted elevator activity levels across Georgia since April 2020. TK Elevator also recognizes social distancing measures have limited elevator car occupants to pre-defined numbers in many buildings, which can create challenges in comparing total building foot traffic to elevator traffic.

To untrained eyes, building foot traffic is still visibly reduced from pre-pandemic levels in most building segments in Georgia and across the U.S. However, our data reveals that many elevators are nearly as active as before COVID-19 and experiencing wear and tear at near-pre-pandemic levels. In fact, elevator push-buttons are experiencing even higher levels of damage than before the pandemic, due to passengers using items such as car keys to push the buttons (rather than using their fingers).

Therefore, responsive elevator service and maintenance is as critical to building operation as ever and will become even more important as building traffic grows.

Highlights of Georgia urban center elevator activity

Our MAX data shows some Georgia cities experienced more dramatic elevator traffic changes than others.

Urban centers elevator index


Monthly elevator traffic declined to 38% of Atlanta’s pre-pandemic baseline in April 2020, while elevator activity has returned to 66% in March 2021.


Elevator trips in Macon declined to 51% in April 2020, but returned to 84% in March 2021.


Elevator trips experienced a major drop to 30% of its pre-pandemic-baseline in April 2020, but have returned to 100% of traffic in March 2021.

Helping building traffic safely grow

TK Elevator offers many innovative solutions to help buildings adapt to increased traffic.

These include our AGILE Mobile solution, which lets passengers operate a building’s elevators using their smartphone or wearable device. Touching public elevator buttons is no longer required!

Utilizing insights gained from MAX and smart technologies like AGILE Mobile, we can positively transform people’s lives now and in the future.