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Five Things to Check Before Requesting Elevator Service

Whether you’re a building owner or a property manager, an unexpected elevator outage is the last thing you and your tenants need!

In an increasingly competitive economy, TK Elevator realizes the pressure you’re under to keep your elevators running safely and reliably. As a service company, our expert technicians perform preventative maintenance to stop faults from occurring. They're always near your building to provide rapid service responses, including 24/7 emergency service.

We also offer data-driven predictive maintenance that enables higher elevator uptime and improved building management.

But even with the best service, elevators, like all machines, can unexpectedly stop working. In this situation, you’ll normally want to immediately contact TK Elevator. But before contacting us, here are five things you can quickly check that could get your equipment back on the move, and potentially save you from a service call:

Five Things to Check before Calling for Elevator Service Infographic

1. Make sure the hoistway sill and cab door sill are free from debris. Foreign objects such as gum wrappers, paper clips and other trash can collect in the sills, which could shut down your elevator. In fact, according to our thousands of nationwide technicians, malfunctioning doors are the number one cause of elevator service calls.

2. Check all key-operated switches to ensure they’re in the normal operating or “RUN” position.

3. Be sure the elevator is not on Fire Service operation.

4. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers in the disconnect or meter room. Simply flipping a tripped circuit breaker back on could return your elevator to service.

5. Make sure your building has full power from the power company.

Ready to make a service request?

Should the actions above not return your elevator to operation, please gather the following information before contacting us to expedite your service request:

  • Your building name and physical address
  • The elevator unit number the elevator unit which is having problems
  • A detailed description of the problem

Have you walked through this checklist? Contact us for an immediate service request.

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