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Keep Your Elevator Machine Room Cool

For your elevators to maintain peak performance and reliability — and that’s something we all want — they need regular service and maintenance. But there’s another part of elevator efficiency that you might not think about: keeping the machine room cool.

Elevator machine rooms contain critical equipment including drive units, motors, pumps, valves, controllers, governors, and electrical components.

With all these major items sharing limited space, machine rooms can get very hot, especially with global temperatures on the rise.

Machine Room Air Conditioner Infographic

Overheated machine rooms are bad news for your elevator system

What happens if your machine room gets too hot? Your entire elevator system can experience erratic performance, premature wear, and even shutdowns. (And your tenants or residents will not be pleased)

Over time, too much extended machine room heat can even shorten your elevator lifespan.

Because overheated machine rooms are so risky for elevators, elevator manufacturers have machine room temperature range requirements. It’s code-required for your machine room to meet the manufacturer-recommended temperatures, which typically range from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Air conditioning to the machine room rescue

To meet code requirements, in warm climates and locations with warm summers, air conditioners are usually installed in machine rooms by third-party companies during building construction. An independent ventilation system can be installed in cooler climates where machine room air conditioners are not deemed necessary.

Because machine room air conditioners are installed and maintained by third-party companies, you’ll be responsible for ensuring it remains in optimal performance. So make sure you schedule regular maintenance appointments for your machine room air conditioning system.

If your elevator service technician indicates your machine room is too hot and can’t cool the room by adjusting the AC temperature, promptly contact your air conditioning repair company. You’ll be protecting your elevator system and likely even its life span.