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thyssenkrupp Elevator introduces H-Power SL controller modernization


  • Modernization package improves microprocessor speeds, increases storage capacity, connects with building system security and adds data capabilities for thyssenkrupp Elevator’s MAX predictive maintenance platform
  • H-Power SL package replaces the Dover Microprocessor (DMC), which has been the hydraulic elevator industry standard since 1985 with 80,000 units still in service


ATLANTA (September 8, 2020) – thyssenkrupp Elevator has launched the H-Power SL modernization package to replace its Dover Microprocessor (DMC) controllers, the hydraulic elevator industry standard since 1985 thanks in part to its engineering quality, reliability, passenger safety and long product life. Today, there are more than 80,000 units still in service.

However, as these controllers aged, replacement components have become more difficult to obtain, leading to increased elevator downtime, higher maintenance costs and tenant frustration. But with the new H-Power SL modernization package, hydraulic elevators will achieve higher performance, reliability, safety and code compliance.

With more than 30 performance-optimizing features, the streamlined modernization upgrade includes faster microprocessor speeds, increased storage capacity, building security system connectivity, as well as comprehensive data production for MAX, thyssenkrupp Elevator’s real-time, cloud-based predictive maintenance system, which helps ensure maximum uptime.

“While the DMC has been the industry workhorse for 35 years, the time has come for a modern controller package with the latest digital technology to ensure maximum elevator and building performance,” says Kevin Lavallee, President and CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator North America.

A key component in the modernization package is the TAC Series digital controller, which offers increased reliability, reduced wiring and optimized efficiency via its 32-bit microprocessor. The controller includes a battery lowering unit to prevent entrapments and provide supplemental power to the controller in an outage; a solid-state starter to minimize power surges and provide smooth, quiet and reliable motor operation; an elevator positioning encoder to help promote a safe and level landing for passengers; as well as connectivity to MAX.

The modernization package also includes a universal door operator to improve door reliability and provide quick and smooth door operation, as well as the latest in stainless steel fixtures and a cable and hoistway wiring system that helps provide safer and more efficient elevator operations and maintenance.

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