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The technology of tomorrow

Get greater control, efficiency and insight with MAX and AGILE — two powerful digital solutions from TK Elevator. These solutions empower you to increase efficiency, improve performance, decrease downtime and give you actionable insights about traffic flow and usage.

Remote monitoring and instant service calls with MAX

Reliable elevators are vital to your tenant experience and your reputation. That’s why we created MAX, a modern IoT (internet of things) service solution. Without even needing to make the call – your technician will be dispatched to service any issue that may be present within your elevator. This is made possible through technologically advanced remote monitoring and instantaneous service call activation that is included in the MAX package.

Get peace of mind

Sends elevator service requests automatically, so you get faster service without needing to reach out for help.

Track usage

Gives you instant notifications about potential service needs and real-time performance information for each of your elevators.

Speedy repairs

Provides precise, predictive diagnostics to your TK Elevator technician indicating exactly where intervention is needed.

Take MAX on the go with our mobile app

Get real-time elevator data and functionality on the go with the MAX mobile app.

  • Place service requests
  • See all elevator units in your portfolio
  • Sign up for real-time notifications about your elevators
  • View real-time remote monitoring and elevator traffic statistics

AGILE: intelligent dispatching

Optimize the flow of traffic with a smarter dispatch system. With AGILE, riders select a floor using an AGILE touchscreen kiosk or the AGILE Mobile app. Intelligent dispatching software gauges traffic demand and groups passengers based on their destination to improve efficiency and movement. The result is faster, more convenient traffic flow for your tenants and increased capacity for your building.

Reduce travel time

AGILE reduces travel time by 25% through more efficient use of available elevators.

Customize the design

A personalized interface can be branded with your building in mind, creating a cohesive look.

Increase capacity

AGILE groups passengers based on destination, increasing capacity by up to 30%.

AGILE Mobile enables touchless operation

Add sophistication to your building and improve passenger safety with AGILE Mobile. With this system, passengers operate your elevators with their smartphone, eliminating the need to touch elevator buttons.

AGILE Mobile is easy to install and has a simple administration portal so you can manage users and monitor your system.

Find your local office

From installation to maintenance to modernization, TK Elevator has the ideal products and experience to provide the solution that’s right for you.

Our local networks of highly qualified, experienced account managers, technicians and staff can help you successfully manage all your mobility needs. Find your local office and see what TK Elevator can do for your building.