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Perfect for low-rise buildings.

Max height

Max height

60 ft (18 m)

Max speed

Max speed

200 fpm (1 m/s)

Max load

Max load

5000 lbs (2,500 kg)



Hydraulic with machine room

Makes business sense

This hydraulic elevator easily fits into your low-rise building design and has an simple installation process. It has fewer moving parts and lower maintenance costs than traction elevators.

Gives peace of mind

endura includes many built-in safety features to provide passengers a safe and comfortable experience. Plus you have choices in biodegradable hydraulic fluids.

Brightens up your building

With its many cab and fixture options, endura makes it easy to brighten your building design.

endura, perfect for any low-rise building.

endura is designed for low-rise buildings that have space for a dedicated control room to house the pump unit and controller. Our hydraulic elevators can be configured in two different ways: twinpost telescopic jacks or conventional plunger and cylinder jack assembly that rests below the ground level.

Above-ground telescoping jack assembly

Depending on how many landings your elevators serve in your building, the endura machine room product line comes in a single stage, two-stage or three-stage twinpost telescopic configuration.

Below-ground conventional jack assembly

When drilling is not a problem, the conventional below-ground holed configuration is considered the best choice, reaching heights of 60 feet and provides the torque you need.

Both configurations offer a cost-effective solution and hassle-free installation process, providing peace-of-mind with proven and reliable engineering.

Makes business sense

endura is a highly-efficient piece of mechanical engineering. It delivers a smart, compact design with fast installation.

Finish your project faster

Pre-assembled components plus a scaffold-free set up makes installation safer and quicker.

Maximize your revenue

Compact dimensions increase your rentable floor space. A faster installation speeds up buliding occupation and tenant revenue.

Gives peace of mind

endura is a trusted product which is engineered following proven standards. It's installed under strict management.

State-of-the-art pump unit

Designed to reduce noise coming from the pump room, the power unit is sealed with a hardtop and sound-deadening material. New electronic valve is virtually adjustment-free and improves leveling accuracy.

Fewer moving parts

Because endura has fewer moving parts than traction elevators, maintenance costs are lower.

Energy-efficient performance

endura is energy-efficient, has reduced environmental impact and uses biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid Choices

All endura elevators come with standard biodegradable fluid.

The standard hydraulic fluid is a zinc-free, inherently biodegradable lubricant formulated with premium base stocks to provide outstanding protection for demanding hydraulic systems, especially those operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

But we also offer enviromax®, the industry’s first high-performing, vegetable-based option. enviromax is formulated from canola oil, which is rapidly renewable, readily biodegradable, and has minimal effects on the environment. When tested at an independent laboratory for aquatic toxicity, the results were well above government standards. It is the only USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified biobased product.

Brightens up your building

Stylish car interiors deliver a brighter in-car journey.

Brighten up your building with endura's car interiors based on the lastest design trends.

Designs for your elevator cabin

Hall view of traditional fixture set

Viewing from hall

Various hall fixtures combinations are available.

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Looking to front of cabin

Front view

Looking at the controls inside the cabin

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Back view of cabin

Back view

As you walk into the cabin, view the back side of cabin

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