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TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX discloses elevator activity across the U.S. one year after COVID-19 shut America down


  • Using data from its more than 85,000 MAX-connected elevators in the U.S., the TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX shows elevator activity has returned to 71% pre-COVID levels, up from 38% at this time one year ago.
  • The increase in elevator activity can be partially attributed to improved tenant confidence in elevator safety due to increased implementation of touchless technologies.
  • MAX is TK Elevator’s cloud-based predictive maintenance solution, which has revolutionized elevator service and building efficiency since its introduction in 2015.


Atlanta (April 13, 2021) – One year ago, the commercial real estate industry suffered a steep decline in building activity as COVID-19 turned skyscrapers into vertical ghost towns. But according to the TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX, the industry’s most accurate urban mobility analysis tool, elevator activity has now returned to 71% of pre-COVID levels as tenants and visitors increasingly return to buildings.

The TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX is a monthly indicator of average elevator activity across the U.S. The proprietary data platform is powered by MAX, the elevator industry’s first cloud- and IoT-based digital platform enabling enhanced service and predictive maintenance. MAX is connected to more than 85,000 elevators across the U.S., and, as part of its diverse capabilities, accurately monitors elevator activity in all types of commercial and residential buildings.

“Smarter building management requires smarter building solutions, and the TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX provides a level of actionable intelligence that property managers cannot get anywhere else,” says Kevin Lavallee, President and CEO, TK Elevator North America. “It is an extremely valuable tool that will empower property managers to approach people movement throughout their buildings from a more data-driven and analytical perspective.”

Prior to the pandemic, there were approximately 14 million daily elevator trips on MAX-supported elevators across the U.S. That number plummeted to 5.5 million daily elevator trips in April 2020 but has rebounded to more than 10.6 million daily elevator trips today.

Thanks in part to beachfront communities in Florida – including West Palm Beach, Miami, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers – the Sunshine State has rebounded to 86% pre-pandemic levels, among the highest in the country. By comparison, California has been among the slowest to return to pre-pandemic levels with major markets like San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles lagging well behind the current national average of 71%.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, the high-rise capital of the U.S., elevator activity has returned to 62% pre-pandemic levels, up from its low point of 29% at this time last year.

To learn more about TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX and how specific regions are returning to buildings throughout the U.S., check out this blog.


One of key reasons tenants are returning is the confidence they have in their elevator systems. While elevators are statistically the safest form of transportation already, companies like TK Elevator took safety one step further by introducing numerous touchless solutions to ensure passengers stay healthy too.

No touchless technology has been more valuable during the pandemic than MAX.

In 2020, TK Elevator introduced three digital subscription packages for MAX and in the first year, sold more than 5,000 subscriptions. Shortly after the pandemic began spreading across the U.S., TK Elevator donated its MAX Premium service to select hospitals to help front-line medical workers in the fight against COVID-19. The donation of the MAX Premium elevator service was critical in ensuring the safe transportation and movement of patients, key medical personnel and supplies as it allowed TK Elevator technicians to monitor machine health remotely while providing them with the ability to identify and address equipment issues or potential service interruptions before they occur.

TK Elevator also launched a Social Distancing Service, which helps tenants stay safe by limiting passenger counts in elevators so they can maintain maximum physical distance. Earlier this year, TK Elevator also introduced the AGILE mobile app, which allows passengers to operate an elevator via their smartphone or wearable device.

TK Elevator also partnered with air quality companies to address the inside of an elevator – specifically, installing air purifying devices that feature Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology. The air quality device safely and continuously cleans elevators with no harmful by-products while also reducing odors inside elevators.

“Our portfolio of touchless solutions in tandem with our new TK Elevator Index Powered by MAX provides our customers with a level of insight and support far beyond anything else available today, and is one of multiple ways we go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the support they deserve,” adds Kevin Robertson, Senior VP, Sales for TK Elevator North America.

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